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Calculate your emissions, take action, and get closer to a one-planet lifestyle. The Donut is here to inspire climate-smart habits!

Calculate and track your lifestyle carbon emissions

The Donut is your shortcut to a one-planet lifestyle. Start by calculating your lifestyle carbon emissions to understand where you can make the biggest impact with the lowest effort, and then, let your data spark action. Track your progress and see how every single climate action takes you closer to the global goal!

Get personalized tips on how to reduce emissions

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to climate action. That’s why all the tips and inspiration you’ll find in The Donut are tailored to your lifestyle — sometimes it’s about consuming less, sometimes it’s simply about consuming smarter. By connecting you with companies that offer emission-reducing solutions, The Donut provides you with tools that make climate action easy. At the same time it helps climate-smart businesses grow, which speeds up the transition to carbon neutrality.

Drive change with the Donut Tribe

Track the difference you and the rest of the Donut Tribe are making with every climate-smart decision. Take part in discussions, share experiences, and get inspired by people sharing the same values. Join the Donut Tribe’s mission to show that sustainable is the new sexy! 

Data is power

The Carbon Donut Calculator

Calculate your lifestyle emissions with our web calculator to learn where the emissions you have control over come from. To store your results, get personalised tips, and track your progress, download our app The Donut!

Want to learn about the methods and data used by the calculator?

Check it out here

Take a step towards a one-planet lifestyle

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Gathered investment enables further development of carbon tracking app The Donut.
August 25, 2020
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If one person in each Finnish household would reduce personal carbon emissions by 20%, we would already achieve 38% of Finland’s emission reduction targets, as set in the Paris Agreement!
June 29, 2020
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The climate needs saving also after COVID-19!
April 14, 2020
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The Donut makes climate action easy — beta version launched today!
Our app is finally here!! It’s called The Donut, and it inspires climate-smart habits and connects you with low-carbon service providers. We hope you'll love it!
January 31, 2020