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Carbon Donut partner

The Carbon Donut app brings together companies and individuals who want to reduce carbon emissions both globally and personally. With the help of Carbon Donut, your brand gets visibility among climate conscious individuals who have already expressed a need for your emission-reducing product. With a subscription based model, we can help you find new customers and communicate your brand’s dedication to counter climate change. Combine traditional visibility and branding in one package.

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Climate consultancy

Give your leadership and employees the chance to learn more about what your organisation can do better in terms of climate change. We offer emission calculations and climate strategy consultancy to climate-proof your business. Our emission expert services also include employee trainings tailored to your needs. Let us help you identify pain points as well as communicable successes.

Upgrade your operations with us

“Moomin Characters believes strongly in the work that Spark Sustainability is doing in terms of climate change and engaging people.”

– Roleff Kråkström, CEO of Moomin Characters

Content creation

Communicating your climate actions is a huge part of modern branding & marketing. With a strong presence and a credible voice in climate issues, we can amplify your message towards those who need to hear it. We provide content for internal and external releases, visualise your carbon data, co-author blogs, give your climate work visibility on our social media, and much more.

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“We very much value the fact that Spark spreads an optimistic approach instead of skepticism. The climate crisis can be solved and we can make an impact through our own actions.”

– Elina Lammintausta, Neste Oyj
Picture of the Carbon Donut lifestyle carbon calculator.

Licensing of the carbon calculator

The Carbon Donut web calculator was born out of pure curiosity: how does the climate impact of my dietary habits compare to that of leaving the car at home? Give your customers the answer as well as an opportunity to become part of the solution to climate change. License the carbon calculator and show your website visitors how they can reduce their lifestyle emissions as well as how your company can support them on the way.

Reference cases

Moomin Characters

Moomin Characters took their climate work to the next level with a deep analysis of how they can operate more climate-smart; in internal operations, as employees, and with their partners. Spark Sustainability created a climate action plan to help reduce emissions from their internal operations, held a workshop for the employees to support them in becoming climate ambassadors, and worked with Moomin Characters to create a strategy for how to help licensees adopt climate-friendly practices.
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Neste, a company creating sustainable solutions for transport, business, and consumer needs, arranged a Climate Week to empower Neste employees around the globe to make more climate-friendly choices in everyday life. Spark Sustainability created five short educational and inspirational posts with different topics for each day of the week, from commuting to office habits. The challenge was to create content that would be relevant for all employees, regardless of whether they are situated in Finland, Singapore or the USA. The campaign was well-received among the employees and sparked engagement.
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As sustainable food pioneers Gold&Green were about to renew their websites, they turned to Spark Sustainability for support with communicating their sustainability work. The project resulted in content for Gold&Green’s sustainability pages, covering three topics: Climate action & circularity, Health & wellbeing of people and the planet, and a Fair & inclusive way of working. “Working with Spark Sustainability was fun and the collaboration smooth. It was particularly rewarding to be working towards our common goal - to inspire consumers to make sustainable choices.”, says Laura Toppinen, Communications Manager at Gold&Green about the collaboration.
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