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The Donut is a tool to encourage and support you on the journey towards tomorrow’s climate-smart lifestyle. Start by calculating your lifestyle carbon emissions to understand where you can make the biggest impact with the lowest effort, and let your data spark action.

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"When we adopt tomorrow's lifestyle today, we set in motion a change that goes way beyond our own carbon emission reductions — our actions will impact business decisions, political agreements, and eventually create new social norms."

Amanda Rejström, CEO at Spark Sustainability
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We turn science into action

70% of global greenhouse gas emissions are connected to the daily choices that we make, meaning our personal climate actions are essential to stopping climate change. We translate climate science into easily understandable, actionable pieces of information, and use it to inspire and help you make better informed climate-smart choices in everyday life.

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Are you like us, crazy enough to think you can change the world? By 2025, we will enable 1 billion climate actions. This will result in a reduction of more than 100 billion kg of CO₂-eq. Are you in?

Our community impact

Together we are mighty, here’s what we’ve accomplished together so far:


kg of CO₂ saved


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Are you a climate-smart business?

Companies that make sustainability a core of their business are one step ahead of their competition. Do you need help communicating your climate success to conscious consumers, or are you looking to upgrade your operations in a climate-smart way?

Let’s talk about how we can stop climate change together.

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