Boost climate competence and develop a climate culture within your organisation

Engage employees in daily climate lessons, actions and team competitions with our climate impact tools.

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Tailored climate campaigns for organisations with the Carbon Donut app

Engage employees in your climate work to foster learning, promote climate-smart practices, and accelerate your organisation's sustainability journey.

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Are you a climate-smart business?

Companies that make sustainability a core of their business are a one step ahead of their competition. Let’s talk about how we can stop climate change together!

What we do

Leveraging emission data to boost organisational climate competence and build climate-aware cultures

We help teams understand their individual and organisational climate impact, as well as what it takes to decrease CO2 emissions in your business context
We make climate action a joint everyday habit for teams and organisations, in a fun & engaging way
We support companies in creating awareness about climate goals internally with modern digital communication channels
We help companies live up to their sustainable values by taking action, and making that action the new normal
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Want to make the most of your climate work?

Have you calculated your organisation's carbon footprint, maybe also created a plan on how to reduce it? Great — we’ll help you supercharge the implementation of that plan.

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Light Up the Future: Let Spark Sustainability organise your Earth Hour campaign this year!
Earth Hour is a chance for companies to raise awareness and show commitment to addressing environmental issues. This year, Spark Sustainability offers a turn-key Earth Hour campaign making it easy for companies to participate and use it as a starting point for year-round climate action. Join us for Earth Hour and make a difference!
Science to Action
The role of employee engagement in reaching climate goals
Climate action begins by acknowledging where your organisation stands regarding climate change and setting climate goals. To be successful, your organisation needs both the management and employees to commit to your climate work.
Science to Action
Six ways to implement your organisation's climate strategy to affect climate change
The entire organisation needs to be on board for a company to reach its climate goals. But how do you make the goal a part of every employee's routine? That’s the million-dollar question!
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